What We Do

Campaign Inbox is the only firm of its kind to exclusively focus on email marketing, and we’re able to offer a wide range of services to help you reach your goals.
Our integrated approach to email marketing has helped companies, campaigns, and organizations raise half a billion dollars.

Growth Marketing

We’ll work with you to increase the size, value, and longevity of your email list so that you have an online audience that’s active, engaged, and ready to convert. Campaign Inbox will implement personalized onboarding series that are designed to convert your users early and often, no matter how or when they signed up to receive emails.


A thoughtfully segmented email file will provide you with multiple active audiences that are ready at any moment to engage with content, or convert to become activists or messengers for your brand. We will create a segmentation plan that’s designed to reach your users with a personalized and targeted message.


The survival of any direct marketing campaign depends on your ability to adapt to changing markets. Continually testing messaging and other email metrics will lead to greater overall success for your company. It’s our job to focus on how to optimize your email marketing program to increase your opens, clicks, and conversions.

Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing must be thought of in a targeted way to produce the best return on investment. Campaign Inbox will provide each client with a detailed marketing strategy from the first contact with a potential donor, to the communications they receive throughout the campaign.

Inbox Placement

This is the foremost key to your email marketing success. Campaign Inbox will create an email deployment strategy that will get you into your users’ inboxes and help you engage your audience.