What We’ve Built

Most ESPs and marketing companies will tell you that your email campaigns delivered at 99%, but what they’re not telling you is this...

99% deliverability doesn’t equal 99% inbox placement.

The founders of Campaign Inbox were facing the same email marketing pitfall over and over again: there’s a lack of transparency on actual inbox placement, which is a more telling factor of success than deliverability. We were frustrated that email service providers (ESPs) weren’t revealing the truth about email campaigns, and we wanted to ensure the emails we were writing and deploying were landing in the inbox.

That’s why we decided to build our own ESP. Our system is built to get each client’s emails into the end user's inbox, resulting in more money or action for your organization.

Campaign Inbox will provide you with a detailed report showing you exactly how many inboxes you’re reaching. And if you’re under 90% of inboxes, we have the knowledge to create a program to get you into the inbox.