Before the Florida primary election in August 2018, then-candidate Ron DeSantis was running for governor against the candidate with full Establishment support. He lacked the name recognition and financial support of his opponent.

With less than 90 days before the Primary election, being down in the polls, the campaign was struggling to raise money and build their grassroots base. Campaign Inbox was brought onboard the campaign to maximize its online fundraising and reach new donors and supporters. In the span of the first two weeks working with Campaign Inbox, the DeSantis campaign raised more via email than they had in the entire previous quarter.

The email fundraising and GOTV plan Campaign Inbox implemented for Ron DeSantis’s campaign helped secure a massive win for the nomination for Governor.

Then, he was up against the rising star of the Democratic party, Andrew Gillum. The campaign’s email strategy had to be completely revamped and quickly scaled to fight back against the national Democrat fundraising apparatus

Here’s what we accomplished:

Proven Results

  • Grossed nearly $4 million for the DeSantis campaign
  • Grew the DeSantis campaign’s email list by 500%
  • Converted 84% of the email list to donors, with an average donation of $60

Our fundraising success for Mr. DeSantis was based on an email strategy using a combination of data analytics, utilizing cross-channel messaging and visualization, capturing his voice, and amplifying his campaign messaging in fundraising emails.

Capturing Attention with Cross-Channel Visualization

We understand that many subscribers are accustomed to seeing — and reading — comments on a Facebook post. By capturing angry Facebook comments in response to a video ad posted to Facebook by Mr. DeSantis’ primary opponent and turning them into a scrolling gif, we grabbed the attention of readers. This tactic also showed, in a captivating visualization, that many other people shared our supporters’ viewpoint of disagreeing with Mr. DeSantis’ opponent.

This is a tactic that continued to prove successful throughout the primary and general elections, showcasing what others — including Mr. DeSantis’ opponent — were saying about the election on Facebook.

Capturing Our Candidate’s Voice

From day one, we saw an influx in fundraising success because we were able to focus our copywriting on capturing Mr. DeSantis’ voice. Our ongoing messaging was consistent with the same language and messaging that he was using on other marketing channels, on the campaign trail, and in ads.

Mr. DeSantis was quickly receiving very significant endorsements, including President Trump. By communicating directly with supporters through email about the growing list of endorsements, Mr. DeSantis was able to reinforce his strong conservative messaging.