The recent pandemic related to the novel coronavirus has changed just about every part of our lives in what seems like no time at all. With all of the shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders being sent out, either by government order or by request, the economy is changing in ways most of us have never seen.

Many industries are directly impacted – and this includes diverse industries from dentists to massage therapists, restaurants and the entire travel and tourism industry. Even industries not directly affected are feeling some of the impact, including ones you may not have realized. Consider traffic surveyors and engineers – nobody wants a traffic survey because traffic is so anomalous that any data they gather now will essentially be useless.

Bank of America

Bank of America Bank of America is using their Client Assistance Program to help their consumer and small business clients. If you’re a Bank of America customer who is impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and need help with credit card, vehicle or home loan payments, you can request a payment deferral through Bank of America’s main Coronavirus relief page.

With so many people in financially precarious situations, either out of work or otherwise impacted, many banks and financial institutions have changed policies or put additional policies in place to aid their affected customers. Most financial institutions have a coronavirus page that details what they are doing to help impacted customers – here is a brief rundown of what some of the major financial institutions are doing to help their customers.